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Illustrations to Dante's "Divine Comedy", 1824-27 (Multiple [7] Owners)

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object 1 (Butlin 812.1)-- "Dante Running from the Three Beasts"
object 2 (Butlin 812.3)-- "The Mission of Virgil"
object 3 (Butlin 812.2)-- "Dante and Virgil Penetrating the Forest"
object 4 (Butlin 812.4)-- "The Inscription over Hell-Gate"
object 5 (Butlin 812.5)-- "The Vestibule of Hell and the Souls Mustering to Cross the Acheron"
object 6 (Butlin 812.6)-- "Charon and the Condemned Souls"
object 7 (Butlin 812.7)-- "Homer Bearing the Sword and His Companions"
object 8 (Butlin 812.8)-- "Homer and the Ancient Poets"
object 9 (Butlin 812.9)-- "Minos"
object 10 (Butlin 812.10)-- "The Circle of the Lustful: Francesca Da Rimini"
object 11 (Butlin 812.11 recto)-- "The Circle of the Gluttons with Cerberus"
object 12 (Butlin 812.12)-- "First Version of Cerberus"
object 13 (Butlin 812.13)-- "Second Version of Cerberus"
object 14 (Butlin 812.14)-- "Plutus"
object 15 (Butlin 812.16)-- "The Goddess of Fortune"
object 16 (Butlin 812.15)-- "The Stygian Lake with the Ireful Sinners Fighting"
object 17 (Butlin 812.17)-- "Dante and Virgil about to Pass the Stygian Lake"
object 18 (Butlin 812.18 recto)-- "Virgil Repelling Filippo Argenti from the Boat of Phlegyas"
object 19 (Butlin 812.19 recto)-- "The Angel Crossing the Styx"
object 20 (Butlin 812.20 recto)-- "The Angel at the Gate of Dis"
object 21 (Butlin 812.21)-- "Dante Conversing with Farinata Degli Uberti"
object 22 (Butlin 812.101 recto)-- "The Circles of Hell"
object 23 (Butlin 812.22 recto)-- "The Minotaur"
object 24 (Butlin 812.23)-- "The Centaurs and the River of Blood"
object 25 (Butlin 812.24)-- "The Wood of the Self-Murderers: The Harpies and the Suicides"
object 26 (Butlin 812.25)-- "The Hell-Hounds Hunting the Destroyers of Their Own Goods"
object 27 (Butlin 812.100)-- "Unidentified Scene in Hell"
object 28 (Butlin 812.26)-- "The Blasphemers with the Usurers and the Sodomites"
object 29 (Butlin 812.27)-- "Capaneus the Blasphemer"
object 30 (Butlin 812.28 recto)-- "The Symbolic Figure of the Course of Human History Described by Virgil"
object 31 (Butlin 812.29)-- "The Punishment of Jacopo Rusticucci and His Companions"
object 32 (Butlin 812.30)-- "The Usurers"
object 33 (Butlin 812.31 recto)-- "Geryon Conveying Dante and Virgil Down Towards Malebolge"
object 34 (Butlin 812.32)-- "Demons Tormenting the Panders and Seducers in Malebolge"
object 35 (Butlin 812.33)-- "Dante and Virgil Gazing into the Ditch of the Flatterers"
object 36 (Butlin 812.35)-- "The Simoniac Pope"
object 37 (Butlin 812.36)-- "The Necromancers and Augers"
object 38 (Butlin 812.37)-- "The Devil Carrying the Lucchese Magistrate to the Boiling Pitch Pool of Corrupt Officials"
object 39 (Butlin 812.34)-- "The Devils Under the Bridge"
object 40 (Butlin 812.38)-- "Virgil Abashing the Devils"
object 41 (Butlin 812.39 recto)-- "The Devils Setting Out with Dante and Virgil"
object 42 (Butlin 812.40)-- "The Devils with Dante and Virgil by the Side of the Pool"
object 43 (Butlin 812.41)-- "Ciampolo the Barrator Tormented by the Devils"
object 44 (Butlin 812.42)-- "The Baffled Devils Fighting"
object 45 (Butlin 812.43 recto)-- "Dante and Virgil Escaping from the Devils"
object 46 (Butlin 812.44 recto)-- "The Hypocrites with Caiaphas"
object 47 (Butlin 812.45 recto)-- "The Laborious Passage Along the Rocks"
object 48 (Butlin 812.46)-- "The Laborious Passage Along the Rocks"
object 49 (Butlin 812.47 recto)-- "The Thieves and the Serpents"
object 50 (Butlin 812.102)-- "The Punishment of the Thieves"
object 51 (Butlin 812.48)-- "The Serpent Attacking Vanni Fucci"
object 52 (Butlin 812.49 recto)-- "Vanni Fucci Making Figs Against God"
object 53 (Butlin 812.50)-- "The Centaur Cacus"
object 54 (Butlin 812.51 recto)-- "The Six-Footed Serpent Attacking Agnolo Brunelleschi"
object 55 (Butlin 812.52)-- "Agnolo Brunelleschi Half Transformed by the Serpent"
object 56 (Butlin 812.53 recto)-- "The Serpent Attacking Buoso Donati"
object 57 (Butlin 812.54)-- "Buoso Donati Transformed into a Serpent; Francesco De' Cavalcanti Retransformed from a Serpent into a Man"
object 58 (Butlin 812.55)-- "Ulysses and Diomed Swathed in the Same Flame"
object 59 (Butlin 812.56 recto)-- "The Schismatics and Sowers of Discord: Mohammed"
object 60 (Butlin 812.57)-- "The Schismatics and Sowers of Discord: Mosca De' Lamberti and Bertrand De Born"
object 61 (Butlin 812.58)-- "The Pit of Disease: The Falsifiers"
object 62 (Butlin 812.59 recto)-- "The Pit of Disease: Gianni Schicchi and Myrrha"
object 63 (Butlin 812.60)-- "The Primaeval Giants Sunk in the Soil"
object 64 (Butlin 812.61 recto)-- "The Complaint of the Giant Nimrod"
object 65 (Butlin 812.62 recto)-- "Ephialtes and Two Other Titans"
object 66 (Butlin 812.63)-- "Antaeus Setting Down Dante and Virgil in the Last Circle of Hell"
object 67 (Butlin 812.64)-- "The Circle of Traitors: The Alberti Brothers"
object 68 (Butlin 812.65)-- "Dante Striking Against Bocca Degli Abati"
object 69 (Butlin 812.66 recto)-- "Dante Tugging at Bocca's Hair"
object 70 (Butlin 812.67)-- "Ugolino Relating His Death"
object 71 (Butlin 812.68)-- "Ugolino and His Sons in Prison"
object 72 (Butlin 812.69 recto)-- "Lucifer"
object 73 (Butlin 812.71)-- "Dante with Virgil and Cato"
object 74 (Butlin 812.70)-- "Virgil Girding Dante's Brow with a Rush"
object 75 (Butlin 812.72)-- "The Angel in the Boat Departing after Wafting Over the Souls for Purgatory"
object 76 (Butlin 812.74)-- "The Ascent of the Mountain of Purgatory"
object 77 (Butlin 812.73 recto)-- "The Rest on the Mountain Leading to Purgatory"
object 78 (Butlin 812.75 recto)-- "The Souls of Those Who Only Repented at the Point of Death"
object 79 (Butlin 812.76)-- "The Lawn with the Kings and Angels"
object 80 (Butlin 812.77)-- "Lucia Carrying Dante in His Sleep"
object 81 (Butlin 812.78)-- "Dante and Virgil Approaching the Angel Who Guards the Entrance of Purgatory"
object 82 (Butlin 812.79)-- "The Angel Marking Dante with the Sevenfold P"
object 83 (Butlin 812.80)-- "The Rock Sculptured with the Recovery of the Ark and the Annunciation"
object 84 (Butlin 812.81)-- "The Proud Under Their Enormous Loads"
object 85 (Butlin 812.82)-- "The Angel Descending at the Close of the Circle of the Proud"
object 86 (Butlin 812.83)-- "The Terrace of Envious Souls"
object 87 (Butlin 812.84)-- "The Angel Inviting Dante to Enter the Fire"
object 88 (Butlin 812.85)-- "Dante at the Moment of Entering the Fire"
object 89 (Butlin 812.86)-- "Dante and Statius Sleeping with Virgil Watching"
object 90 (Butlin 812.87)-- "Beatrice on the Car with Matilda and Dante"
object 91 (Butlin 812.88)-- "Beatrice Addressing Dante from the Car"
object 92 (Butlin 812.89)-- "The Harlot and the Giant"
object 93 (Butlin 812.91)-- "The Spiral Stairway"
object 94 (Butlin 812.90 recto)-- "Dante Adoring Christ"
object 95 (Butlin 812.92)-- "The Recording Angel"
object 96 (Butlin 812.93)-- "Dante and Beatrice in the Constellation of Gemini and the Sphere of Flame"
object 97 (Butlin 812.94)-- "Saint Peter Appears to Beatrice and Dante"
object 98 (Butlin 812.95)-- "Saint Peter and Saint James with Dante and Beatrice"
object 99 (Butlin 812.96)-- "Saint Peter and Saint James with Dante and Beatrice and with Saint John Also"
object 100 (Butlin 812.97)-- "The Vision of the Deity from Whom Proceed the Nine Spheres"
object 101 (Butlin 812.98)-- "Dante in the Empyrean Drinking at the River of Light"
object 102 (Butlin 812.99)-- "The Queen of Heaven in Glory"