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Title: Newton
Origination: William Blake: inventor, delineator, printer, colorist
Composition Date: 1795
Print Date: c. 1804-05
Note: The characteristics of the color printing indicate that this impression was printed c. 1804-05. This is the only extant impression from this printing session.
Number of Objects: 1
Object Size: 46.0 x 60.0 cm.
Number of Leaves: 1
Leaf Size: 54.5 x 76.0 cm.
Medium: planographic color printing with water color and pen and ink additions to the impression
Printing Style: planographic
Support: wove paper
Watermark: JWhatman 1804
Penned Numbers: none
Frame Lines: none
Binding: loose
Stab Holes: none


Name: Tate Collection
Date: 1939
Dealer: none
Price: gift
Note: Acquired by Thomas Butts in 1805 from Blake; Thomas Butts, Jr., apparently by inheritance in 1845; Frederick J. Butts, apparently by inheritance in 1862; his widow, c. 1905, by inheritance; sold 2 June 1905 to W. Graham Robertson; given 1939 by Robertson to the Tate Gallery (now Tate Collection).

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Tate Collection
London SW1P 4RG
United Kingdom
Telephone: 020-7887-8000
Fax: 020-7887-8900

Collection: Tate Collection
Accession Number(s): N05058