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Title: There is No Natural Religion
Origination: William Blake: author, inventor, delineator, etcher, printer, colorist
Origination: Catherine Blake: printer
Publisher: William Blake
Place of Publication: London
Note: The place of publication is not given in the work, but Blake was living in London at the time of its composition and etching.
Composition Date: c. 1788
Print Date: c. 1794
Number of Objects: 11
Object Order: a1, a3-a9, b3, b4, b12
Note: Bentley plate numbers used here.
Object Size: ranging between 4.7 x 3.7 cm. and 6.1 x 4.6 cm.
Number of Leaves: 11
Leaf Size: 13.4 x 10.5 cm.
Medium: relief etching with touches of white-line etching on some plates
Printing Style: relief, with rudimentary color printing on most plates and touches of monochrome wash on a few plates, particularly plate 6
Ink Color: burnt umber and olive brown
Support: wove paper
Watermark: TAYLOR
Note: The watermark appears only on plate 11 as arranged here.
Etched Numbers: none
Note: The etched numbers (I-VI, I-II) are headings, not plate numbers.
Penned Numbers: none
Frame Lines: none
Binding: brown russia
Stab Holes: none


Name: Yale Center for British Art
Date: 1992
Dealer: none
Price: gift
Note: Assembled from the "50" loose plates sold anonymously (by Frederick Tatham), Sotheby's, 29 April 1862, lot 197 (16s. to Richard Monckton Milnes); Milnes' son, the Earl of Crewe; sold by Crewe, Sotheby's, 30 March 1903, lot 10 (£53 to the dealer Bernard Quaritch acting for William A. White; acquired (by bequest?) in 1929 by White's daughter, Frances White Moffat (later Mrs. William Emerson); sold by Emerson through the dealer Thomas J. Gannon to Paul Mellon in 1941 for $2100; given by Mellon to the Yale Center for British Art in 1992.

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