An Island in the Moon, object 17 (Bentley 74.A)

Object Note(s):


The blank verso of this leaf, designated as page B in Bentley and showing a considerable amount of show-through of the writing on this recto, is not reproduced here. Two or more leaves may have been removed, at an unknown time prior to 1905, between leaves 8 and 9 (objects 16-17 as numbered here). Refer to the Work Information for more details about the manuscript. A diagonal pencil inscription at the bottom of the page, not in Blake's hand, reads, "a leaf is evidently missing before this one".

Textual Note(s):

Line: 01
them Illuminating the Manuscript _ Ay said she that would

Line: 03
instead of Printed & at every other           leaf a high finishd

Line: 09
that noble beatst the Tyger __ Oh I was at Mrs Sicknakens & I

Line: 12
  envy your abilities my dear they hate people    who are

Line: 13
  of higher abilies than their nasty filthy Souls Selves but do you

Line: 16
  Mr Femality's    do yo snap & take me up _ and I will fall into such