An Island in the Moon, object 18 (Bentley 74.P, Butlin 149)

Object Note(s):


At least some of the sketches and lettering on the verso (reproduced here) may conceivably be the product of both William Blake and his youngest brother Robert (1762-87). The awkwardness and redundancy of some of the work, the bare geometry of the head of the large lion(?) in the lower pair of animals in the upper left quadrant of the page, and the heavy overdrawing on some of the other animals are among the features that may possibly reflect Robert's attempts to draw subjects that had been set as exercises for him by older brother William, and, in some instances, corrected by one of them.

The blank recto, designated as page O in Bentley, and showing a considerable amount of show-through from the ink lines on this verso, is not reproduced here.

Textual Note(s):

Line: 01
B            1                       William Blake

Line: 02
                              B         William Blake

Line: 03

Line: 04

Line: 05
      n n  n                                               Numeration

Line: 06
           n  n                                                 M

Line: 07
                m                                   W  ll       Blake

Line: 08
                                            Lambn  n    

Line: 09

Line: 10
           nu    Bla

Line: 11