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The Book of Ahania

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The Book of Ahania, copy A, 1795 (Library of Congress): electronic edition

Dates are the probable dates of printing.

Etched in intaglio on six plates, The Book of Ahania continues with the format, themes, and imagery of The Book of Urizen. Ahania, who represents Urizen's female portion, is less central to the action than Fuzon, a son of Urizen who revolts against his father. The narrative is one of Blake's many versions of the contentions between repression and liberation. In this instance, the consequences are dire, as Ahania indicates in her concluding lament.

The Book of Ahania was etched and printed in 1795. There is only one complete copy (A), plus separate impressions of plates 1, 2, 4, and 5. The designs on plates 1, 2, and 6 were printed planographically in colors from copper plates bearing only etched outlines of the pictorial motifs.

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All Known Copies
  • Copy A, 1795
    Rosenwald Collection, Library of Congress
    Washington D.C.

All Known Related Drawings
  • Sketch for the Frontispiece of "Ahania"
    Pencil sketch, c. 1795. Butlin 233.
    British Museum