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The Book of Los

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The Book of Los, copy A, 1795 (British Museum): electronic edition

Dates are the probable dates of printing.

The poem opens with a lamentation by "Eno aged Mother" over the loss of Edenic pleasures through Urizenic error and the world it creates. The narrative then centers on Los's anguished responses to that world, including his transformation of the void into matter and his binding of Urizen.

The five plates of The Book of Los were etched in intaglio and printed in 1795. There is only one complete copy (A), plus a separate impression of plate 4. The designs on plates 1-3 and 5 were color printed from the surfaces of copperplates bearing only etched outlines of the pictorial motifs.

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All Known Copies
  • Copy A, 1795
    British Museum, Dept. of Prints and Drawings

All Known Related Drawings
  • Sketch for the Frontispiece to "The Book of Los"
    Pencil sketch, c. 1795. Butlin 234.
    Humanities Research Center
    University of Texas, Austin, Texas