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On Homers Poetry [and] On Virgil

Currently Available:

On Homers Poetry [and] On Virgil, copy B, c. 1822 (Fitzwilliam Museum): electronic edition
On Homers Poetry [and] On Virgil, copy F, c. 1822 (Morgan Library and Museum): electronic edition

Dates are the probable dates of printing.

The first of these two tractates on a single plate offers an anti-classical perspective on morality and concepts of unity in the arts. The second tractate denounces ancient Greece and Rome as tyrannies promoting war and dominion and destroying the imaginative arts. Blake etched in relief and printed all copies (A-F) c. 1822.

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All Known Copies
  • Copy A, c. 1822
    Rosenwald Collection, National Gallery of Art
    Washington D.C.
  • Copy C, c. 1822
  • Copy D, c. 1822
    Trinity College
    Hartford, Connecticut
  • Copy E, c. 1822
    New York University Library
    New York City